LACE (Leadership, Action, Community, Endurance) Up! is a program designed for Chicago Run program alumni who were previously involved in Running Mates and/or Chicago Runners and are now in high school. Participants have the opportunity to build leadership, mentoring, coaching, and career-readiness skills that will aid in their success through high school and beyond. In addition, LACE Up! students will continue their commitment to service and fitness by participating in community volunteer projects and running in local races. 


The foundation of LACE Up! is to develop Chicago Run alumni as emerging leaders. Participants will build their repertoire of leadership skills through innovative workshops and exposure to different academic and professional environments. Students will also have the opportunity to serve as mentors and junior coaches to the younger Chicago Run participants throughout the school year.


LACE Up! participants engage in a variety of activities including community service, physical activity outings, and professional development presentations.



LACE Up! participants are committed to improving the well-being of their community, as well as the greater city of Chicago. Participants engage in service projects that aim to build healthy lifestyles and foster positive cross-community relationships.


LACE Up! participants are committed to improving their own health and wellness by training for, and running in, local races. In addition, participants are driven to improve the health and wellness of other Chicago Run youth – serving as junior coaches and running buddies for current Running Mates participants.