for All Ages!

Crunched for time? Use our flash fitness videos to get your classroom up and moving for 3-5 minutes. These videos may be short, but they are challenging!

When you finish your workout, make sure to click the button below to log your workout on mychicagorun.org!

Rockabye Dance Workout

Let's shake things up a bit with this new dance workout! (4 minutes)

Yoga Pose Workout

Let's take things slow by working on our yoga moves! Try to keep as still as possible without making too much noise! (3.5 minutes)

Nonstop Arm Workout

Feel the burn as you work out your arms! Try not to take any breaks for the length of this video! (2.5 minutes)

Chair Workout

No equipment needed aside from a chair! Enjoy this quick chair workout to get your blood pumping in the classroom. (2.5 minutes)

Standing Leg Workout

A great way to workout your legs without having to sit down! (4 minutes)

Animal Workout

A fun workout inspired by some of our favorite animals! (4 minutes)

Plyometric/ Tabata Workout

A fun workout with a combination of plyometric and tabata moves. (5 minutes)

Dance Fitness Video

A quick and fun dance workout for kids. (4 minutes)

Standing Core Workout

Work out those core muscles in this 5 minute fitness video.

Jump Rope Workout

A quick 3 minute jump rope inspired workout that is sure to get your heart pumping!

Partner Workout

A great 4 minute workout to do with a partner.

Basketball Workout

A fun 4 minute basketball inspired workout.

Football Workout

Enjoy a 5 minute football-inspired workout.