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In the past decade, there has been much research into the science of stretching and warming up. Many exercise professionals now agree that it is best to perform traditional static stretches only after exercising. Since many of us have been told that stretching is a critical part of any good warm up routine, what are we to do with this new information?

The answer is dynamic stretching! Dynamic stretching is a much more active, heart-pumping warm up routine, and it increases workout flexibility, mobility, and performance in ways that a static stretching routine does not. A dynamic stretching routine not only increases range of motion and encourages good form, but is a lot of fun, too! Join Coach Joshua and learn exercises that you can use in your own dynamic warm up!


Throughout the warm up, maintaining good posture is key. Stand tall, as if there is a string attached to the top of your head and it is pulling you upwards. Keep your shoulders back and your hips slightly forward, with your arms relaxed and your feet about shoulder width apart.

Knee Hugs

Walk forwards, and with each step, elevate onto one forefoot and bring the opposite knee up to your chest, hugging it there for two seconds. Remember to stand tall the entire time. With the next step, switch knees.

Lunges with Twist

This movement is a standard forward lunge with a twist...literally. Step forward, extending one leg out in front of you and bending into a lunge. Remember that your forward knee should not extend past your toes. After the lunge, twist your torso towards the forward leg, then return back to the middle. Straighten and then repeat with the opposite leg.

High Knees

This movement involves jogging forward, but explosively bringing your knees up close to your chest with each step. Each knee drive should be quick, and should transition smoothly into the next.

Butt Kicks

This time, jog forwards, but instead of bringing your knees up high, kick backwards in an exaggerated motion so that the back of your heel almost touches your butt. As with high knees, the movement should be quick and smooth. Maintain good posture, and keep your shoulders relaxed.


This is just what it sounds like! With each skip, make sure to keep good posture, and maintain a consistent speed throughout the exercise.

Leg Swings

Find a wall or a fence, or anything else you can brace yourself against. Place both palms against the wall, or brace yourself otherwise. Begin to swing one leg left to right, across and in front of your body. Swing the leg as high as you can without forcing it beyond your range of motion. 

You've done it! You're all warmed up and ready for an excellent run!