Holiday Wrap-up:

Non-Profits Helping Other Non-Profits

The Holidays are a time of giving, and thus the perfect time for non-profits around Chicago to help each other achieve their respective missions. This Holiday season Chicago Run took advantage of this time to give back by collaborating with Gardeneers Chicago to produce an insect-based exercise video, wrapping presents for the youth of Erie Neighborhood House, and contributing winter clothing to Heartland Alliance.


Gardeneers, a Bridgeport-based non-profit organization, sustains gardens in twenty schools all around the city of Chicago. The Gardeneers programs impact more than 1,000 students by visiting schools on a weekly basis to help students sustain their gardens and follow food safety guidelines so that the grown produce is safe to eat. As a result, produce from school gardens is often sent home with families and even incorporated into the school cafeteria menu.

Chicago Run is in the process of completing our first collaborative exercise video with the Gardeneers. The exercises in the video will educate students in our schools about the variety of insects and bugs found in gardens, while being physically active!

Erie Neighborhood House

Erie Neighborhood House is a non-profit organization located in the West Town community of Chicago. True to their name, Erie Neighborhood House is committed to improving the lives of low-income Latino families in  the city of Chicago. Erie House demonstrates a commitment to family growth by offering youth, adult, and family programs geared towards intellectual development and skill-building. In addition, Erie is a strong advocate for issues impacting their community, such as: Education, Immigrant Rights, Child Care Policies, Community Technological Legislation, and College Opportunities for Undocumented Students.

This Holiday season, for the fourth year in a row, staff members from Chicago Run volunteered at Erie Neighborhood House’s annual Holiday gift-wrapping event. During this evening of giving, hundreds of presents were donated and wrapped for those who participate in programs at Erie Neighborhood House. Chicago Run is so thankful to be a part of  this festive event, and thankful for all that Erie Neighborhood House does to benefit the city of Chicago!

Heartland Alliance

Heartland Alliance is the leading anti-poverty organization in the Midwest, and is a strong believer that all people deserve the opportunity to improve their lives. Furthermore, the mission of Heartland Alliance is to make this opportunity possible for nearly one million people worldwide who struggle from homelessness, poverty, and a lack of safety. To accomplish this mission, services at Heartland Alliance help those less fortunate to secure basic human needs such as housing, healthcare, jobs, and justice.

This Holiday season Chicago Run contributed numerous winter clothing items to Heartland Human Care Services and their Refugee and Immigrant Community Services Center in an effort to improve the lives of refugees from around the world whom have a need for warm clothing in this cold winter season. In addition, we would like to thank the students from St. Johns Berchmans for contributing bins of coats to Heartland’s coat drive. What a wonderful surprise and act of service from the young boys of St. John Berchman’s!